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Premium Breathable Roof & Wall Wrap For New Zealand Conditions

Roof & Wall Moisture Barrier Wrap & Tape that you can rely on 100%

Say Goodbye To the Risks of Leaky Buildings*

Benefits of Watertight Wrap & Tape

  • 90 Day UV/Direct Sunlight Exposure – Just under 3 months to get the building closed in.
  • Wind rated to “Extra High” (NZS3604)
  • 50 Year BRANZ Durability Rating 
  • Super strong sheet strength – you wont put your finger through a Watertight Wrap

* Subject to installation to NZS3604 Building Code

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What Makes Watertight Roof & Wall Wrap Different?

Watertight Roof & Wall Underlay Wrap is manufactured with a Breathable, Micro-Porous, Water-Resistant Polypropylene Film laminated between two layers of spun bond non-woven Polypropylene.

This gives a material that delivers great breathability and repels water without the use of chemicals. It possess superior bi-directional machine direction/cross direction tensile strength properties. 

Watertight Flashing Tape

FrameFlash rebranded – top quality product!

Watertight flashing tape is already well known to builders, architects and DIY home improvement enthusiasts as FrameFlash.  

Get the bonus of a 90-day warranty!

Architects and builders are coming to realise that high adhesive Watertight flashing has the major advantage of a 90-day exposure warranty. 

Using it can save money in the long run. 

“If architects are specifying a 45 or 60 day UV exposure product, there is less time for builders to get the cladding on the house. If a council building inspector comes along to complete the pre-lined inspection and the tape and wrap have been up for more than 45 to 60 days, the builder must pull it down and replace it.” 

This cost falls on the builder, and can amount to $4000 to $5000 per house. By using 90 day exposure tape and wrap, builders have an extra 30 – 45 days to get the job done and can avoid hefty costs.” 

Watertight flashing tape is the superior option, especially if used by subdivision developers and builders.

“Cladding all the homes in a subdivision is a big task, and if there have been delays you don’t want the flashing tapes and wraps expiring at 45 to 60 days.’

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BRANZ Certificates

Flashing Tape

Wall Wrap

Roof Wrap

Watertight Roof & Wall Wrap System

prevents water entry

prevents water absorption and transmission

prevents the accumulation of water

allows for moisture dissipation.  

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