Roof & Wall Wrap Products

We only supply the Weathertight products made specifically for New Zealand conditions and specifications.

Wall Underlay – A building paper, synthetic material or rigid sheathing used as part of the wall cladding system to assist the control of moisture by ensuring moisture which occasionally penetrates the wall cladding is directed back to the exterior of the building. (as outlined in document NZBC E2.3.2)

Roof Underlay – An absorbent permeable building paper that absorbs or collects condensation or water in association with roof cladding performance. (as outlined in document NZBC E2.3.2)

Flexible Flashing Tape – A flexible self-adhesive waterproof tape. Usually used as an accessory for wall underlays, to seal corners and intersections. (as outlined in document NZBC E2.3.2)

Weathertightness and Weathertight – Terms used to describe the resistance of a building to the weather. Weathertightness is a state where water is prevented from entering and accumulating behind the cladding in amounts that can cause undue dampness or damage to the building elements (as outlined in document NZBC E2.3.2)

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Watertight products meet & exceed all minimum New Zealand Building standards for NZBC E2.3.2
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